Recent Wins

The Frontier Touring Company

The Frontier Touring Company unveiled their revamped website on  coreDNA this month; revealing a fresh new design packed with all new functionality for the massive online community surrounding the brand.

Frontier Touring's website requirements were dynamic by nature, with huge peaks in demand surrounding major events. Core dna's ability to provide flexibility, scalability, reliability and full control over content, in combination with the wide range of integrated applications on offer played a key role in Core dna's selection.

Sam Saltis, founder of Core dna, said the project "pushed the boundaries of content management systems", with a number of applications being custom developed for the promotions company.

The Frontier Touring Company is one of the most respected, long standing, and proactive concert promoters in Australasia.

The new website boasts a cutting edge design and a highly functional yet intuitive user interface. Core dna's integrated applications work collaboratively to draw information from multiple sources to display on singular pages. Featuring a range of interactive and social elements and the latest in digital technology, the highly SEO-friendly website will increase brand awareness and drive traffic, while strengthening Frontier's comprehensive membership program. Membership benefits include exclusive pre-sales, competitions, members-only blogs, and tour announcements as they happen.

Some of the latest Core dna applications incorporated include Mediacast Manager, which provides the capability for uploading multiple formats of audio and video at any given time; Send to a Friend which allows users to share content with social networks; and geo-specific Personalisation, which allows pages to be tailored down to the individual.

Nintendo Australia

Internationally recognised gaming icon Nintendo Australia was launched on the Core dna platform earlier this year, with the revolutionary website management platform now driving online performance across multiple sites, including

Kalum Buckland of Nintendo Australia instigated the move. He says the platform is perfectly suited to dynamic websites, which demand scalability, flexibility and integration. "The Core dna platform makes it possible to get large online projects up in a matter of weeks, projects that might take up to 6 months to build otherwise," said Buckland.

Core dna puts the brand owner in control, making it quick and easy to update website content and streamlining the execution of Nintendo's many integrated marketing communication campaigns. The tools the Core dna platform provides are tied to the execution of Nintendo Australia's business outcomes, helping achieve measurable results online and offline. 

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