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Our Vision

Our vision is to build the platform for the world's best digital experiences.

Who We Are

Coredna is a world-class, true multi-tenant web CMS - giving digital teams all of the developer tools, hosting, scaling, performance, personalization, innovation and automation they need to build the best websites in the world. With a majority of business being conducted online today, having a strong digital presence is the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Our mission is to help businesses deliver the most complete digital experience for their customers by fueling creative, interactive and efficient websites.

What We Do

Founded in 2000, the vision for Coredna was born in an agency by our founding team’s experiences of building the same applications over and over again by hand for clients’ websites. We saw a future where applications were built once, distributed to all, and then innovated on to constantly get better over time, removing the back-end complexities and automating DevOps. Coredna digital experience platform was our solution.

The leading platform has been engineered to provide mid-market to enterprise level organizations with the ability to meet their objectives for their eCommerce, business-to-business, business-to-consumer, education, intranet and community websites. We are proud to have over 500 clients throughout dozens of industries. We power some of the biggest and fastest company sites on the web and treasure our client relationship and foster growth in their online investments. Our team of developers is dedicated to keeping our platform running at a world-class standard and are constantly engineering new updates.

The Coredna approach is about not only bettering the way we build websites, but simplifying content management and helping make your online activities align with, and enhance your business objectives. Cloud technology allows us to support your business in real time, on servers that can scale to fit your needs. Our vision is to deliver a platform that makes the complex simple, to allow digital agencies to focus on being creative and forget the technical intricacies of the internet.

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Our Journey


In 2000, we introduced the Coredna enterprise-level leading cloud experience platform. Constant development has seen our platform grow and help businesses reach their potential online.


Today, 500+ businesses (with more than 2,000 successful site deployments) rely on Coredna to manage their digital assets and online operations.

Our Values

Think Big

Think Big

We think big and don't listen to people who tell us it can't be done. Life's too short to think small.

Enjoy the Adventure

Enjoy the Adventure

We embrace every second of the journey and celebrate along the way.

Be the Culture

Be the Culture

Our culture comes from our people – not an HR manual. Be yourself, and inject a bit of "you" in everything you do.

Pride in our work

Pride in our work

Our work is a reflection of us. We always strive to provide exceptional quality in everything we create.

Straight Talking

Straight Talking

No games, no jargon – just honest, candid and human communication.


Sam Saltis

Sam Saltis


Sam is charged with strategic and channel management whilst maintaining an active role in the technical road map.

Prior to founding Coredna, Sam was a member of the executive team of the ANZ bank. Sam holds an undergraduate degree in computer science and applied mathematics, as well as an MBA from the Melbourne Business School.

Richard Steers

Richard Steers


Richard heads up our product development team and is charged with execution and operational management of the business.

Prior to joining Coredna, Richard was the Director of Operations at bwired after successfully founding and exiting Macro POS in 2011. Richard holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and marketing.

Join The Team

Whilst our platform is not new, Coredna is a start-up that has evolved to establish a worldwide market for this innovative platform.

We are rapidly expanding into the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. As a result, we're looking to grow our team substantially.

We balance super hard, rewarding work with a life and interests outside of the office. You might have little side projects or businesses – at Coredna, we value and encourage your passions.

We'll also give you opportunities for pet projects, an allowance to develop your skills and attend conferences, a cool office environment and, of course, café-quality coffee and sustenance!

If you’re ready to step up and make a difference, we want to hear from you.


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