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Our Philosophy


A few clients a year! 

In a growth obsessed world of VCs, start-ups and a continuous clients’ list expansion, we decided to limit ourselves to a small number of clients every year.

If you are the curious type, you probably are wondering why?

Well, firstI want to talk about the tech world. You hear a lot of noise going about start-ups and unicorns in tech but surprisingly or unsurprisingly most of them are unprofitable. 

As someone who comes from an old school finance driven family, after a few years of losing money - you understand that your business model doesn’t work.

So instead of being a start-up we decided to be a - small SaaS business with outstanding product and service. The shop local of the CMS and eCommerce world and guess what - we are profitable! 

But it’s not just about the money, it’s about being on the journey with our clients and having the bandwidth to find the right solutions or building new ones for them. 

We are proud to serve some big names in their industries such as Randy’s Worldwide, Nica, V-Zug, YMCA, Clarkrubber, Standard Process and many more.

While we might not be a “T-shirt brand” - we do offer an outstanding product and service at a good price and we will continue to do so for every one of our clients.

2002 - Now

From a humble digital agency in Melbourne, Australia to a global product company with offices around the world. The way websites were built was broken, so we decided to build our own content and commerce platform that enables businesses to scale and grow.

This is what we believe in….

Meet the leadership

Sam Saltis


Boston, USA/ Melbourne, Australia

Dmitry Kruglov


Melbourne, Australia

Kylie Griffiths


Melbourne, Australia

Karen Cabecas

Client Success

Melbourne, Australia

Dennis Westphal


Berlin, Germany

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Through our 20+ year history, Core dna has grown into a high-demand platform worldwide. We are rapidly expanding our teams globally. As a result, we're always looking to grow our team throughout our various offices in the US, Australia and Europe.