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Finally, a platform that lets you pamper your guests online, as well as offline.

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Deliver seamless, personalized experiences

Headless content management

Want to build an Alexa Skill or organize a VR experience for your guests? Use out rapid APIs to deliver your content to any channel or device. 

80+ applications to kickstart any project

Core dna’s thoroughly tested applications are designed to solve problems for content, marketing, event promotion, and customer data management. 

Keep staff in the loop

Using Core dna intranet application, you can manage staff members, tasks, projects, and instant communication, all in the same place. 

You’re never alone

24/7 support

Get round-the-clock support from real, knowledgeable people. With offices in Australia and United States, you can be sure there’ll be someone on the other end of that email, phone-call, or chat.

Extensive documentation

Complete and comprehensive documentation that will guide you step-by-step through using our applications and ongoing public changelog to keep you up-to-date.

Global partner network

Industry-leading agencies make up our Agency Partner network. Need help developing your sites or integrating Core dna on your websites? Our partners can help.

Tweak every detail

Scale at will

Our hybrid cloud system combines the best of cloud and dedicated infrastructure, meaning it will automatically scale to meet your demand; no matter how much traffic you're receiving.

Connect your existing systems

Core dna seamlessly integrates with apps you already use to run your business — from CRMs, ERPs, to payment gateways, and much more.

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