A scalable intranet solution
to power your digital workplace

Transform the way your employees communicate and collaborate
with Core dna’s cloud-based Intranet solution

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Knowledge management
for the entire company


Share culture across company boundaries

Easily store, share, and find the information and people you need, on one platform.

Bridge silos

Communicate and share without time-consuming email chains. With an intranet, information can flow freely.

Engage and onboard employees

Consolidate organization's documents and give access to stakeholders to the most relevant information.

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Collect feedback from your team

Encourage employee feedback and collaboration

Send a simple poll or in-depth research from your organization.

Make impactful decisions with direct feedback

Create online polls if you want a quick feedback from your team.

Secure the most sensitive data

Our hybrid cloud infrastructure ensures your data is safe and secure so you can rest easy.

Easily track your staff's time and attendance


Track your team and project time allocations

View the list of all projects and compare their estimated and actual efforts.

Daily and weekly reporting for better business planning

View your staff's performance against overall business performance.

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