Build a thriving online community

Power conversations and movements — wherever they are.

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Multi-site management at your fingertips


We constantly improve the platform centrally, with no downtime for any customer.

Stay flexible with a headless CMS

Online culture is in constant flux, but with Core dna, you can adapt to anything — even the launch of a new app, channel or device.

CRM integrations

Use our built-in CRM, or synchronize your customer records into your preferred CRM tools such as Salesforce, Insightly and HubSpot.

Monetize with ease

A full eCommerce solution

Core dna isn’t just a community builder. Our platform can help you sell anything, anywhere, to anyone.


Want to set up pay walls or levy subscription fees? We’ve got your back, no matter how you choose to monetize.

Manage your team

Assign tasks, track project progress and manage team members with backend portals and intranets.

Personalize every experience

From simple to advanced segmentation

Deliver personalized website experiences for any user by segmenting any content in any Core dna application. 

Omnichannel personalization

With headless content management and personalization features baked in, you can make every visit count — no matter the channel or device.

Framework agnostic

Unlike other WCMS, Core dna never limits you to use a certain programming language. Integrate with our 80+ pre-built applications; there’s no need to build a new technology for every website.

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