Core dna videos


What & Why Core dna: An Overview

A 10-minute overview of why Core dna and how we help our customers build, manage, and scale websites. See Case studies of Core dna in action and solutions we have delivered.

Introduction to Core dna Platform

A 15-minute overview of the administration panel for Core dna's digital experience platform (DXP). 

How Core dna Helps Digital Agencies Build & Scale Websites

A 15-minute overview of how Core dna's platform helps web agencies build bigger & better websites. The complete web agency toolkit. With examples of sites by agency partners.


Core dna Solutions: An Overview

A 15-minute overview of different marketing, eCommerce & intranet solutions that run on Core dna.

CoreCommerce’s Shipping Application: An Overview

A 4-minute overview about the Shipping Application on Core dna. Learn about Companies, Packages & Zones and how they all come in to play for shipping options!

CoreMarketing & CoreContent: An Overview

A 17-minute overview of the CoreContent and CoreMarketing. Learn about Pages, Blogs, News, FAQs and more!


How to Create & Add Attachments in Pages Application: A CoreContent Overview

A 4-minute overview showing you how to add pages with Attachments on Core dna.

Development Environment on Core dna: An Overview

A 10-minute overview of development environment on Core dna. Learn about Smarty, GIT, our deployment environment, and more!

How to Manage Pages App: A CoreContent Overview

A 10-minute overview about Pages app on Core dna. Learn about configuration, permissions, setup, and many more via the Core dna DXP admin.

How to Deploy to Different Environments on Core dna

A 7-minute overview on deploying to different environments on Core dna.