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Personalized travel

From simple to advanced segmentation

Deliver personalized web pages, email marketing campaigns and travel recommendations based on audience segmentation.

Omnichannel personalization

With headless content management and personalization features baked in, you can make every visit count — no matter the channel or device.

Framework agnostic

Unlike other WCMS, Core dna never limits you to use a certain programming language. Integrate with our 80+ pre-built applications; there’s no need to build a new technology for every website.

Cater to tomorrow’s travellers

Centralize your bookings

No more segmented data. With Core dna, you can manage every booking, enquiry and customer profile under one digital roof.

Support any device

With headless content management capabilities, Core dna lets you deliver content to any channel or device through rapid APIs.

Be an innovator

Showcase video content and virtual tours, offer downloadable brochures,  and incorporate slick user experiences across the entire customer journey.

Scale globally without barriers

Pure SaaS

Our Software-as-a-Service approach means you get multi-tenant architecture, world-class security, and the ability to launch new websites in weeks, not months.

Manage multi-departments and sites

Create different roles, track projects and establish an intranet to help keep your growing company in order. 

CRM Integrations

Use Core dna’s CRM, or integrate with tools such as Salesforce, Insightly and HubSpot.

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