Innovate at will

Get all the infrastructure, applications, and APIs you need to think and build big.

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AI, ML, and IoT ready

Integrate with AI and ML technologies

Leverage Core dna’s powerful APIs to integrate with any AI technology. 

Framework agnostic

You can choose your own, so you’re never restricted when it comes to building and innovating. 

Headless content management

Forget about your content being channel or device specific. With headless content management capabilities, Core dna can deliver your content anywhere. 

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Be the first to innovate

Time to market, slashed

With our robust set of 80+ applications, you’ll never have to build websites or applications from scratch.


Start your project with a working site, then import content and create architecture while design continues.

Focus on your product

Core dna handles hosting, infrastructure, updates and security, so you can focus on your business.

Room to scale

Microservice architecture

Manage, modify, and scale your projects faster thanks to Core dna’s microservice architecture. 

Multi-tenant management

Manage your entire collection of digital assets from a single dashboard, streamlining your operations in the process. 

Pay as you grow

Never pay for idle infrastructure again. Instead, take advantage of our fixed monthly pricing based on consumption.

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