The website building process is broken

That’s why we built Core dna.

We couldn’t find the right platform
— so we built one.

It all started in the year 2000.Sam - red circles

We envisaged a world where digital teams leveraged a common platform that provided shared functionality such as user management, access rights, security, load balancing, content editing, management and publishing.

At the time, we were involved in a digital agency, bwired, which we scaled to the point where our vision needed a new direction for it to become a reality.

We needed a platform to build and launch websites much more efficiently, consistently, and without the need to ever re-platform again. We couldn’t find the right content management system, for the job — so we built one. As we grew, our clients drove the roadmap with new requests for more functionality,  we developed over 80 applications that delivered solutions for hundreds of different needs.

Core dna as a product was officially launching in 2014 after we found that more than just our agency could use the platform for their clients.

The name Core dna is a reference to DNA, the building blocks of life. While all members of the same species share the same basic building blocks, it's the way we sequence our DNA that makes us all unique.

In the same way, common applications inside Core dna can be used to create highly customizable solutions that can deliver targeted customer experiences today and for the future. 

With our move to the USA we want to spread this new disruption to all digital teams who want to move from the old “Design, Build and Destroy” platform approach to a new paradigm of “Design, Build and Evolve”

Sam Saltis 
CEO of Core dna

Design, Build, Evolve

The digital world is complex enough as it is, which is why we built Core dna to help brands launch and scale websites faster, even in the middle of the next Amazon or Google product launch.

With our pre-built applications, you can launch websites and deliver content to any device in weeks, not months. Oh, and you’ll never need to replatform ever again.

We’ll innovate and iterate your tech stack, you handle the growth.

Content management

Manage your web pages, images, documents and business contacts in the same place. 

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Gain access to feature-rich marketing tools. Create drip campaigns, nurture leads and integrate with your CRM.

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Core dna is built to handle millions of products while giving brands granular control over every customer experience.

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Improve the employee experience, share knowledge and build a company culture primed for growth. 

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Launch broad or niche communities, manage every experience and drive awareness for your cause.

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Our microservice infrastructure is built from the ground up with speed, security and reliability in mind.

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