January 2024 - Release 1: Caching Upgrade

Caching Upgrade: Faster Websites, Smarter Technology!

Hey there! Core dna has just leveled up its game with an amazing upgrade to how it handles caching, making your website's pages load faster than ever before. Let's break down what's new and why it's awesome:

  • Smart Caching: Imagine your website's pages as puzzles made up of different pieces (like images, text, and videos). Before, whenever you changed any piece, we had to redo the whole puzzle just to make sure everything was up-to-date. Now, thanks to some clever tech called cache invalidators, Core dna knows exactly which pieces you've changed and only updates those. It's like magic for your website's speed!

  • Choose Your Cache Strategy: You're in the driver's seat with new settings that let you decide how you want to clear the cache. Want to clean everything with each update? No problem. Prefer to do it manually? You got it. This means your site can run even faster, and you'll save on costs too.

Why You'll Love This Update:

  • Speedy Pages: Your website's pages are more likely to load super fast, thanks to being served from the CDN or cache.
  • Smarter, Not Harder: With selective cache clearing, your site responds quicker, and you won't use as many resources. 

Extra Goodies in This Update:

  • Query Helper: Crafting dynamic and flexible website templates is now a breeze, offering your visitors a better browsing experience.
  • Teamwork for Blog Posts: Celebrate teamwork with support for multiple authors on blog posts.
  • Form Smarts: A new form setting means only complete, verified submissions get saved, keeping your data clean.
  • Case-Insensitive URLs: No more confusion with URL capitalization—everything's consistent and user-friendly.
  • Better Import/Export: Managing content across multiple sites is now simpler and more efficient.

Squashing Bugs:

We've tidied up the menu sorting in the admin panel, fixed up new menu element creation, ensured the File Manager works smoothly for everyone, and made sure users can tweak their form submissions easily.

Dennis Westphal
Dennis Westphal

With more than 22 years experience in architecting and developing content management systems, Dennis drives our vision of a modern, hybrid digital experience platform. Having worked in both large companies and SMEs helps him understand and advocate for the needs of a variety of customers.

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