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Don’t just break news, break news everywhere.

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Your content, the consumer’s way

Any content, any way

With headless content management, you can bring your customers closer to your content by streaming TV and Radio to any device, anywhere.

Enterprise-grade content management

Automatically update all occurrences of any piece of content across all publications to prevent inaccurate content and duplicated tasks. No need to edit and manage duplicate records.

Advanced WYSIWYG editor

Formatting features including bullet points, tables, and pre-defined CSS styles. You can also insert images and videos, and create links to internal or external content.

Reach new eyes and ears

Scale at will

Deploy new websites and applications in local languages in weeks, not months.

Multi-site management

Scale and manage multiple web properties in multiple languages and locations, all from the same dashboard.

No updates, minimal downtime

Core dna has multi-tenancy, which means when we update our platform centrally, your instance gets updated too – with minimal downtime.

Personalization baked in

From simple to advanced segmentation

Deliver personalized website experiences for any user by segmenting any content in any Core dna application. 

Contextualize your content

With headless content management capabilities, Core dna lets you deliver contextualized content to differences devices and channels through rapid APIs.

Omnichannel personalization

With headless content management and personalization features baked in, you can make every visit count — no matter the channel or device.

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