Boston: Digital Bungalow Partnership

Boston: Digital Bungalow Partnership

Melbourne, Australia- Digital Experience Platform software vendor Coredna is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Boston based full-service digital agency Digital Bungalow.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Coredna is expanding into the US market. The company’s partnership with Digital Bungalow, whose clients include Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, Seismic, Centro, Showcase Cinema and Humana provides a further strategic opportunity to bring the power of Coredna DXP to American brand enterprises.

Coredna’s open source architecture and world-class digital experience capabilities makes it an ideal partner for Digital Bungalow as it extends its offerings into the sphere of content management.

“We are thrilled to formalize our partnership with Digital Bungalow and expand our digital experience platform into the US market. This relationship reflects our commitment to providing our partners with the complete digital solution that enables them to deliver great digital experiences for their clients,” said Coredna Founder and CEO, Sam Saltis. “This is just the start of our expansion into international markets and we are confident that we will transform the way websites are built in the future.”

Digital Bungalow’s expertis­­e in web strategy, user experience and web development serve as excellent complements to Coredna’s strength in facilitating a digital experience.

 “We finally have a website SaaS platform which is targeted toward the mid-market. That’s why we’re really excited that we’ve signed on as coredna’s lead US development partner,” noted Digital Bungalow President and CEO, Nate Wolfson. “We are moving from the existing paradigm of design, build and destroy to new one of design build and enhance.”

Take a look at Digital Bungalows esteemed client list whose websites we now proudly power. 

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