New Core dna Feature Released: Faceted Search gets a Speed Boost

Welcome to our latest weekly product update. We're excited about the work our team are continuously doing to make Core dna even greater and want to share this news with the valued users of our platform.

Core dna grows and improves as a platform based on your feedback. Many of these weekly functionality updates and features have been requested specifically by you. So keep the feedback coming. We’re definitely listening! That's how we plan to continue making Core dna the world's best managed web content platform.


Faceted Search

We have made some major upgrades to faceted search in our product catalogue. Essentially you will enjoy a tremendous increase in speed. Products on listing pages are now loaded up to 5X faster than before.

We have also added toggles to allow administrators to switch ‘on’ and ‘off’ “related facets”. Related facets allow for even further organization of products. If you choose a facet, and there are products within that facet that belong to other facets, the site will display the related facets.

There is also now a toggle for switching ‘on’ and ‘off’ Product Bundles in facets.

In order to take advantage of the enhancements to Faceted Search, your website templates may need to be upgraded as the changes made are not backwards compatible. Please contact your integration partner to inquire further. 

Click here to read more on Faceted Search.

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