September Development News

September Development News

Our development team has been hard at work over the past month completing tasks on our Roadmap in order to bring the latest updates to our community.


September saw performance improvements to many modules, including Blogs, Product Catalogue, Pages and Retailer. These are all faster when displaying categories or individual items.

We’ve added a drag and drop uploader for ad images and attachments.

The new site meta data field allows certain elements to be updated on the website by a user (e.g. the company’s Facebook address) without needing to contact Core dna.

The Users section now has an address book, so your customers can store and select from multiple addresses when checking out.

Database errors have been improved so that they no longer simply throw a white page – they now have a helpful error message.


An improved PayPal integration means that the display within PayPal of your customers’ products mirrors what’s on the site, plus a bug which saw the onsite shopping cart empty when cancelling a PayPal transaction has also been fixed.

We’ve added a daily job that will email out all new feedback received over the last 24 hours to a specified email address, meaning you can receive your customers’ messages without having to log in to Core dna.

We’ve improved monitoring alerts, so that in situations where sites do go down, we can bring them up faster.


We’ve enhanced the password protection, so users who want to update their profile will need to re-enter their current password, or request a change.

We have tightened up a lot of the headers from our server to further protect data.

Password resets no longer email you a password, but instead email you a temporary link so you can select a new password.

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