November Development News

Hello to our fellow Core dna-ers.

First of all, happy Thanksgiving to our US clients.

Christmas and New Year are just around the corner for all of us, but that doesn't mean we stop adding features and squashing bugs. 

That's exactly what we've been up to.

We've been specifically focusing on our ecommerce and product catalog modules, because we know how important the Christmas period is to ecommerce sites.

Another important thing to note: there have been several security improvements made during the last month.



When you check out of a site (if you're not logged in), it gives you the opportunity to register. This registration didn't have reCAPTCHA, while the normal registration did. This caused sites using reCAPTCHA to get an error that reCAPTCHA wasn't filled out.  We've now fixed this issue and allows sites to use reCAPTCHA everywhere.

We've also fixed an error in CKEditor. Previously, Latin encoding wasn't handled correctly. For example, if you used © it may come back out with áé. This has now been fixed.

Our CKFinder has also been upgraded to address security vulnerabilities. This upgrade is to fix security issue that allowed authenticated users to manipulate files in folders configured as "hidden" on web servers hosted on Windows platforms.

We've also improved our ecommerce modules. You can now add specials (i.e. discounts) for specific product variants.



UK credit card holders; our dev team has fixed a error that was occurring when handling UK credit cards.

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