Updates to Pages, Search, Form Fields & Product Bundles [New Features]

Updates to Pages, Search, Form Fields & Product Bundles [New Features]

Welcome to our latest weekly product updates. We're excited about all the work our team are continuously doing on the Core dna platform and want to share these updates with our valued users.

Core dna grows and improves as a platform based on your feedback. Many of these weekly functionality updates and features have been requested specifically by you. So keep the feedback coming. We’re definitely listening! That's how we plan to continue making Core dna the world's best managed web content platform.



This week the team updated the Pages menu tree look and feel to make it more user friendly. With this update we have added the following new features:

  • Added new drag-and-drop feature for reordering the pages in the tree.
  • Added ability to delete and move subpages on page delete. You can also now 'move subpages' for page 'other' tab.
  • Search for pages directly on the Pages menu tree.

Admin Site Search

We added the ability to configure Site Search to allow searching by filter. You can also use a new strict setting added to site search configuration for exact word match.


"Custom fields" can now be added to blog details.

Product Catalogue Bundles

URL slugs can now be added to product catalogue bundle to optimize SEO.

Form Creator

  • Added a new CRM plugin.
  • You can now create hidden fields using a new field type called ‘hidden’.
  • We have added a pipe separated export (PSV) for exporting form results.   

Thank you so much for helping us build the best platform for your business! Please feel free to give us product feedback and make feature requests at any time. You can contact us always on our Contact Us page, on our Facebook page or Tweet us with #CorednaSupport.

Visit our Release Notes page for a full list of releases. 


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