Product Page Layouts, Faceted Search & Bulk Image Upload [New Features]

Product Page Layouts, Faceted Search & Bulk Image Upload [New Features]

Welcome to our latest weekly product updates. We're excited about all the work our team are continuously doing on the Core dna platform and want to share these updates with our valued users.

Core dna grows and improves as a platform based on your feedback. Many of these weekly functionality updates and features have been requested specifically by you. So keep the feedback coming. We’re definitely listening! That's how we plan to continue making Core dna the world's best managed web content platform.


Product Catalogue

Some great updates to the product catalogue have released this week.

Product Page Layouts

We have added the ability to have custom layouts for product detail pages. Product page layouts allow you to change the look of your product pages without requiring integration changes. You can apply layouts to products by simply choosing the desired layout from a dropdown list at the bottom of the product page. For more on page layouts, click here.
Faceted Search
Faceted search will now index select custom fields for products. If you have a custom dropdown field or radio buttons, faceted search will now index that field. It will not index custom content fields however.
Hidden Products 
We have added a handy new option for products called Display on Site. Display on Site allows you to have a published product that does not display anywhere on the site. It will not come up in site search, faceted search or catalogue search. This is really handy for creating bundled products that can not be sold individually. You can control this on the Product Details window next to publishing settings.

Image Gallery

Added ability to upload multiple images at once. Using the same “Add image” option, you can select multiple images to upload at the same time and drag them into the ‘dropzone’ in the ‘Add Image” window.



Thank you so much for helping us build the best platform for your business! Please feel free to give us product feedback and make feature requests at any time. You can contact us always on our Contact Us page, on our Facebook page or Tweet us with #CorednaSupport.

Visit our Release Notes page for a full list of releases.

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