Back-Orders, Product Restock & Expression of Interest [New Features]

Back-Orders, Product Restock & Expression of Interest [New Features]

Welcome to our latest weekly product update. We're excited about the work our team continuously do to make Core dna even greater and want to share this news with the valued users of our platform.

Core dna grows and improves as a platform based on your feedback. Many of these weekly functionality updates and features have been requested specifically by you. So keep the feedback coming. We’re definitely listening! That's how we plan to continue making Core dna the world's best-managed web content platform.

This week we have released a number of features for our eCommerce engine. 

Back-Order Products 

When a product is out of stock, users may still want to purchase. This feature allows the Admin to decide if their website will allow negative orders. Once enabled and integrated into orders, the website will allow users to checkout for any products that have the quantity of zero or less. 

To allow Back-Orders for all products, admins can configure in the Catalogues module -> Configure -> Manage Configuration and click the "Allow Back Orders" switch.

On checkout with Back-Orders enabled and when a product has hit quantity zero, the site admin will receive a mail notifying them that the stock for this product is zero. 

Restocking Products 

A Restock option appears on the product edit form in the Product Catalogue whenever the current stock is below zero. A restock date can be any date in the future. If the Restock Date is filled, an email will be mailed to the admin reminding them to restock this product on that day. If multiple products are selected for the same day, the admin will only receive one email listing all the products. 

If a restock date is filled, the restock date will be displayed on the website to the user. 

Expression of Interest in an out of stock Product

Not every company out there has the want to sell and manage out of stock products. They don’t want to miss out of selling their products either. 

An Expression of Interest is an input field shown to a user whenever the current product is out of stock and allows a user to input their email. Once a product is back in stock, a mailing list for all the users who signed up asking for this product will run and then notify them by email. EOI can be used with Back Orders to stop sites from going into negative stock, and providing a way for users to register their interest.

To allow Expression of Interest for all products, admins can configure in the Catalogues module -> Configure -> Manage Configuration and click the "Allow Expression of Interest" switch. 

Sending emails to interested customers

When a product comes back into stock, an expression of interest email will be sent automatically to any customer who has expressed interest. Admins can manage and resend Expression of Interest emails from the Core dna admin by navigating to Catalogues module -> Configure click on 'Manage EOIs'

From this window, an admin can select which products they would like to manage/resend an email for. Once an admin selects a product and clicks send mail, they will be shown the email editing window. Admins have the option to select a template that is already configured, or configure their own. If an email is registered for multiple products, only one email will be sent to that user which includes a list of all the products that are back in stock for that date. 

If an admin needs to check the list of interested emails for a product click on 'View Interests' link:

From here, an admin can view how many times each EOI has been sent mail. An admin can also remove these emails if you need. 

In order to take advantage of the enhancements to the eCommerce engine, your website templates may need to be upgraded. Please contact your integration partner to inquire further. 

Thank you so much for helping us build the best platform for your business! Please feel free to give us product feedback and make feature requests at any time. You can contact us always on our Contact Us page, on Facebook or Tweet us with #CorednaSupport.

Visit our Release Notes page for a full list of releases.

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