Whats new in Core dna DXP

Build & manage websites with Core dna better than ever before! The latest release of Core dna delivers more than 150 enhancements. Below you will find an introductory video & a list of the major enhancements.


Look & Feel
The Core dna user experience has been significantly improved with a refresh the of the current interface - themed to be consistent with Core dna's new branding. The result is a more modern & user friendly user experience.


Completely redeveloped to provide users with real-time key performance data & insights. A Site Activity panel provides users with summary & drill-down capability for errors, security violations, user activity & platform news.


User Management
User administration is now significantly enhanced with the implementation of a new user type - the Super User. The Super User is a Core dna site administrator who has the requisite security permissions & capability to create, edit & suspend/activate User profiles.
Users can also now fully manage their own profile within the application & we've greatly improved the new user activation process with an automated welcome email containing users credentials & handy help instructions.


Core dna's four product families - Content, Connections, Interaction & Transactions have been used to group applications throughout the program. A users experience is no longer cluttered by long menu lists of applications the user doesn't have access to - these are now grouped into a secondary "Other Applications" sub-menu with additional 'hover' information displayed.


The new Campaigns application is an automated marketing & communication tool which allows sites to personalize communications with users through targeted & behavior-driven email. It enables sites to configure automatically executed campaigns based on event triggers from any Core dna application.

Log In
A completely new Log In experience provides users with the ability to login via any major social connector. The Log In page has been renovated & now provides users with addition key information about the platform.
Upon first login users will also be requested to define there preferences for Core dna notifications.
A huge array of advancements will be deployed including Product Variants, a new Shipping application & interfaces AusPost & Fedex), Custom Import/Export templates, new Payment Processors (eWay, Authorize.net, NAB Transact, Merchant e-Solutions), support for add-on taxes & Avalara, Subscription products & more.
Security Upgrades
A complete security overhaul of the Core dna Auth User system encompassing salted BCYRPT password encryption, password hashing, upgraded minimum password requirements & users who have been inactive are automatically suspended.
Search Functions
Updates finally provide the ability to trigger a list search with the Enter key & the search bar is displayed by default.
Automated Sitemaps
Yes finally, an automated platform generated site map function. Set & forget, manage page/asset settings within each record. 
Real Time Indexing
A significant overhaul of the Site search function & technology upgrade to provide real time updates & extensiblity for future planned enhancements.


To learn more about how Core dna can improve your business contact us at info@coredna.com. You can also follow Core dna on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates. 
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