Rolling Green Site Launch

Bwired recently launched the new Rolling Green responsive site, running on the Core dna digital experience platform.

Unveiled earlier this month; Rolling Green is the "younger sister" of powerhouse event and client A Day On The Green. 

Rolling Green's requirements were dynamic nature, with huge peaks in demand surrounding the event.

Core dna's ability to provide flexibility, scalability, reliability and full control over content, in combination with the wide range of integrated applications available played a key role in Core dna's selection. 

Roundhouse Entertainment is one of the most well-established, long standing and respected winery/concert events company's in Victoria. 

Boasting cutting edge fresh design, the new website is both highly functional yet intuitive.

Featuring a range of interactive and social elements and the latest in digital technology, the highly SEO-friendly website will increase brand awareness and drice traffic. Membership benefits include exclusive pre-sales, competitions and announcements as they happen.

Explore the Rolling Green Website

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