March Development News

March Development News

It’s that time of the month again, Core dna-ers.

The time when we tell the world of the bugs we’ve squashed and enhancements we’ve made.

Here are some highlights for this month:

  • New Core dna application – Assets
  • Removed registration restrictions
  • Added Fully Qualified URLs (FQUs) to all assets
  • Added placeholder to all form creators text fields
  • Enabled wildcard searching on site search to match partial words
  • Improved error handling and logging for non-critical errors
  • Fixed product import config when using special characters
  • Fixed unable to login when starting checkout process
  • Improved rewrites module .htaccess compatibility
  • Fixed display of subscriptions and downloading of invoices in billing
  • Increased monitoring to detect when pages partially render with errors



We’ve added a new application into Core dna’s Digital Experience Platform! The new application is called Assets. What Assets does is it enables website administrators to easily add, locate, manage, and delete files within the DXP. We’ve created a neat 5-minute overview video of how Assets works.


We’ve added Fully Qualified URLs (FQUs) to all assets. Fully qualified URLs (FQUs) simplify access to assets across all Core dna modules to assist with integration by providing full URLs to assets and reducing errors such as protocol conflicts. FQUs are automatically attached to all array and object responses for modules. Read on how to integrate FQUs here.

We’ve removed registration restrictions, which means users are allowed to register with only an email address using Simple Registration. This allows users to be registered without having to fill out a long form and increases registration flexibility. A quick note: Users registered via simple registration will have to reset their password before they are able to log into their account. Feel free to read the full documentation on Simple Registration here.

We’ve also made an enhancement on Core dna Form Creator. We added a neat placeholder to all Form Creator text fields.

Other enhancements worthy to mention are: improvements in error handling and logging for non-critical errors, and wildcard search on site-search to match partial words.


Bug fixes

We found a small bug in product import config when using special characters, which have now been fixed.

A bug on checkout process has also been squashed (unable to login when starting checkout process).

We’ve also improved rewrites module .htaccess compatibility and fixed display of subscriptions and downloading of invoices in billing.

That’s it for this month’s development updates. Do you have any enhancement ideas you’d like to see in Core dna? Please let us know on our Facebook page or Tweet us with #CorednaSupport


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