February Development News

February Development News

We meet again, Core dna-ers.

We hope last month was productive for your company, because it sure was a productive month for us.

Here are some changes and improvements that we made in February:

  • Fastly CDN integrated into Core dna
  • Real time indexing enabled for site search
  • Increase faceted search response time
  • Added query builder functionality to retailer advanced search
  • Added group action 'delete' to prodcatalogue
  • Added inactivity warning
  • Improve page render and page search response times
  • Fix issues around ad pagination and display in the DXP



We know how important page speed is, which is why Core dna sites can now leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure static content such as images, JavaScript files and stylesheets are delivered to the end user as quickly as possible no matter where they are in the world.

Real time indexing is now enabled for site search – so, when a page is updated in Core dna’s DXP, it’s immediately shown in the search, which is an upgrade from the previous “overnight index”.

We’ve also improved the response times for faceted search, and added a “delete group” function to Product Catalogue.

A major upgrade (in terms of user experience) has also been added into Core dna’s DXP – a pop-up reminder when you’ve been idle for a period of time. This is added to prevent losses when your “session” has expired.


Bug fixes

A small bug in ad pagination and how it displays in the DXP has been squashed. 
We also found a small bug wherein pages marked with ‘noindex’ were still included in the sitemap, which has now been fixed.

There were a couple of bugs in speed (page rendering and page search response times), which have now been fixed.

That’s it for this month’s development updates. Do you have any enhancement ideas you’d like to see in Core dna? Please let us know on our Facebook page or Tweet us with #CorednaSupport

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