October Development News

October Development News

Hello to our fellow Core dna-ers

In this latest edition of development update we can proudly say we have added 11 new features and squashed 10 bugs.

We think it’s important to relay our development work to you, even though it all happens in the background and is automatically deployed to your Core dna platforms. These ongoing updates and improvements are some of the reasons we stand behind our product.


One of our newest, very useful features for product-based sites is an SEO component that lets you add customized title tags and meta descriptions so that you have a higher chance to outrank your competitors.

You can now allow FAQ items to be assigned to multiple topics. This means that if you have a question that could fit into a couple of different categories, you can assign the one question to both.

We've also added a feature to prevent big data exports from timing out while waiting for a file to download.

We modified the custom fields so that they can now be grouped by category, so that when integration is being done, it’s easy for the developer to select just the custom fields ‘item’ needed for a particular category.

Exclude_tags and excludes_categories have been standardised on block functions across News, FAQs, Ads and Blogs.

Within the Retailers module, all retailers used to be one large group of merchants. We’ve now added categories on the left-hand side, so that if you want to only see a particular group of retailers, you can just click on the heading to filter down your results.

You want to add 1 duotrigintillion (that's 1 followed by 10 to the power of 99 zeros) people to an event? You can now do that.

Regarding the outdated GAPI; well, we have replaced that with Google PHP client.

We've also reformatted the code in portal to help reduce uncaught errors being deployed.

Ecommerce site owners, this one is for you. We've made the search better for your users by adding brands, tags, and 'in stock only' triggers to faceted search. The sooner your users found what they're looking for, the quicker they add that product into the shopping cart.This feature will need to be integrated by your development agency.


You can now upload SVG files in modules where images can be uploaded.

For those of you who have big(ger) sites, say more than 50,000 pages, we have fixed the sitemap generation for you.

Speaking of bigger sites, we have also prevented deadlocks when viewing pages and blogs on high traffic sites.

Marketing managers, this fix is for you. There was a bug where some newsletters would be sent multiple times to the same user. This has been corrected.

We've also fixed the banner limit bug, so you are now able to add more than 50 banners per page.

We resolved an issue wherein if you were updating a page that had been modified by an admin (e.g., a developer), the page returned an error saying “The GUID must be unique.” There was no visible field for the ID, but we’ve since rectified this.

Default ordering within faceted search can now be set by the integrator working on your site, so that if you want to sort by Price: Low to High, this can be changed. Previously, the only option available was to show items in order of when they were added.

There was an error within the ship_by method, wherein the default price was working but quantity breaks were not, meaning that no matter how many items were added, the same price was charged across the board. The system is now calculating quantity breaks directly.

In Form Creator, there was a bug where users were unable to successfully attach files to forms submitted via your website. We’ve fixed this, and it’s all functioning correctly.

We use a solution called Chargify for recurring billing of customers. Recently Chargify had some connectivity issues, which lead to some customers’ data being removed then re-added, and hence billing was not consistent. We’ve now put failsafes in place to stop this from happening.

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