We Analyzed 19,658 Job Listings. Here's What We Learnt

Do you want to know the best time to search for a new job? It’s the beginning of the year, more specifically, January and February. Here’s why:

People are just coming back from the holidays and you know what they do when they have a meeting in the beginning of the year? They decide "what's next?". They decided what was lacking last year, what can be improved, and all that good stuff.

So, in the spirit of getting you (job hunters) the best place and position to apply, and you (employers) the benchmark to pay your (new) employees, we decided to scrape 18,768 Indeed and 890 Glassdoor job listings (USA and Australia) from August 2016 to Oct 2016  that included the phrase:

  • Chief marketing officer
  • Head of marketing
  • Content marketing manager
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Content marketing manager
  • Content marketing specialist
  • Inbound marketing manager
  • Inbound marketing specialist
  • SEO manager
  • SEO specialist
  • SEM manager
  • SEM specialist
  • Social media manager
  • Social media specialist

And here's what we found.

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[Marketing job takeaway #1] The USA and Australia are crazy for SEM managers and specialists with 3,330 (18.8%) and 231 (20.1%) jobs advertised respectively 

During the 3-month period we recorded:

CMO and Head of Marketing

CMO and head of marketing


Content Marketing Manager And Specialist

Content marketing manager and specialist


Digital Marketing Manager and Specialist

Digital marketing manager and specialist


Inbound Marketing Manager And Specialist

Inbound marketing manager and specialist


SEM Manager And Specialist

SEM manager and specialist


SEO Manager And Specialist

SEO manager and specialist


Social Media Manager And Specialist

Social media manager and specialist


[Marketing job takeaway #2] Australia is more generous than USA, but not that much

Average salary per job title: USA Vs Australia

(Click here to see the image in full size)

Key takeaways:

  1. The average salary for the USA is $71,286.34, while Australia is $74,522.88, which is to be expected because the cost of living in Australia is higher than the USA.
  2. Australia trumps USA when it comes to average salaries across all boards, except SEO.
  3. As expected, the highest paying job in the USA and Australia is CMO with $122,308.53 and $160,312.50 respectively.
  4. While the lowest paying job in the USA and Australia is Inbound Marketing specialist with $50,855.00 and $52,368.42 respectively. Thanks for nothing Hubspot.
  5. It (literally) pays to be a manager rather than a specialist other than in Social Media


[Marketing job takeaway #3] In the USA, big cities = bigger pays

Average salary per city - USA


[Marketing job takeaway #4] In Australia, big cities = ‘Meh’ pays

Average salary per city - AUS

Key takeaways

  1. No surprise that the average salary is The Valley (San Jose) is highest in the USA at $100,432.10. While Brisbane takes the cake for AUS with $79,361.11
  2. The worst city in USA in terms of average salary is Laredo with $55,717.95, while the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne, is the worst city in Australia with an average salary of $55,717.95. One of the reasons why bigger cities have lower-than-average salary could be a case of more entry-level jobs being available in big cities, which would skew the average wage down. From a data point of view, fewer people = less downward skew.
  3. If you don't mind spiders & heat, you like Rugby and XXXX beer then it pays to move to Queensland.



[Marketing job takeaway #5] Digital marketing and inbound have a wide range of responsibilities

Marketing job responsibilities


[Marketing job takeaway #6] Companies want people who strive in a “Fast-paced” environment

Marketing job skills


[Marketing job takeaway #7] 2 years of experience is the absolute minimum for all job titles. Good luck, graduates!

Years of experience required

Key takeaways:

  1. Content Marketing vs Inbound - what's the difference?
    • Content Marketing seems to be more tactical featuring Team, Strategy & Thought Leadership vs
    • Inbound seems to be more hands-on with Landing Pages, Lead Nurturing, and Automation
  2. Likewise with CMO and Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist
    • CMO seems to handle high-level strategies, while
    • Digital Marketing Manager/Specialist takes whatever the goal/strategy the CMO puts in place and develop a step-by-step formula to achieve the goal(s)
  3. Bachelor's degree wanted for Social Media - WTF?
  4. Our theory - they interact with customers, potential customers, and possibly trolls. They deal with some ‘brand-defining situations’ that if badly handled - well history is littered with examples.
  5. SEOs aren’t just about link building and on-page optimization anymore. They are expected to have HTML/CSS skills.
  6. Digital Marketing Manager seems to be a title for a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None” with wide, hands-on responsibilities.
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