Cloud CMS: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Cloud CMS

Cloud CMS: 5 Things You Must Consider Before Choosing a Cloud CMS

The past year changes in the IT sector have made the cloud become real. Cloud computing is becoming an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and budgets, but there are some basic requirements that should be considered before choosing a cloud CMS platform.

A cloud content management system (CMS) like Coredna is a platform that can be accessed across many computers and devices without having to download hardware or software, allowing an organization to manage their online assets from a single platform.

With the right CMS partner, an organization can focus on their marketing, communications, customer relationships, and other aspects of their business operations without worrying about complex programming, web design or online security.  

[Tip #1] Collaboration

Collaboration is essential for all types of organizations – whether it’s working remotely, communicating with internal and external partners, or providing instant, up-to-date information for all your teams. Encourage brainstorming, accountability and collaboration by collecting data and communications in a single place. (And make sure that place is a platform that is fast, reliable and secure.)


[Tip #2]  Flexibility

An online strategy must be prepared to adapt when your business strategy changes. Find a cloud CMS with a set of core features your business can rely upon. Look for features that have been used and refined by organizations of all sizes. And as both technology and strategy can change quickly, the right CMS should also offer additional modules that are easily added when needed. 


[Tip #3] Speed and stability

Whether you’re working remotely or managing your internal team, a cloud CMS should ensure that your website is secure and stable at all times. And the right cloud CMS must also be tested and proven to be able to handle peak traffic and be able to adjust to planned or unplanned pressures.


[Tip #4] Minimise risk

Cybersecurity is essential for all types of organizations. But there must also be security and accountability within your organization and across your partners. For example, look for a cloud CMS that can provide different security settings and levels of access to the back-end of your website. Create secure groups that are allowed to have the appropriate permissions for their role - don’t allow just anyone to make live changes on your website!  


[Tip #5] Technical support

A busy organization wants a CMS that is backed by an experienced team. That means not just reliable tech support, but also ongoing maintenance and improvements. Not all CMS’s include a dedicated team of developers that are constantly updating and improving the system.  Finding a CMS provider with a service-first mentality makes sure that you have a long-term partnership that continues after your website has launched. Let your CMS provider worry about the technical end so you can continue to provide the best online experience for your customers.


Make informed decisions

Online marketing and content isn’t a one-way street. A powerful cloud CMS should offer analytics within the platform to help make informed decisions about your users. Integrating platform data and programs like Google Analytics or Omniture ensure that you’re covering all your bases and taking charge of your digital strategy.

The right cloud CMS can be a powerful foundation for your online assets.  A secure, fast, innovative and flexible CMS is the perfect tool to deliver a high-quality online experience without worrying about the technical requirements and instead focusing on your brand, marketing and communications activities, and customer relationships.

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