How to manage a franchise business with Core dna?

eCommerce Business

Core dna helps franchise businesses in a few key ways: 

1. It centralizes product, pricing, and order data management, ensuring consistency across stores. This improves the customer experience. 

2. It has an innovative approach to fulfillment. Core dna system allows a distributed fulfillment model where each store fulfills only the items it has in stock for a given order. This split shipping functionality means orders can be fulfilled even if some items are out of stock locally. This helps stores complete more sales. 

3. Franchise owners and managers have full visibility into orders, statuses, and fulfillment across all locations through a single portal. This improves oversight. Stores get visibility into their portion of split orders through the portal, streamlining fulfillment on their end. 

4. Customers can track split orders in one place, improving transparency. This builds customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

5. Core dna reduces upgrade burdens, making it easier for stores to adopt new features and improvements. 

6. Centrally stored data can be more easily analyzed to gain insights into operations and inventory levels across the entire network. Analytics and reporting tools in Core dna can provide insights to optimize operations and inventory levels at each store.

By addressing operational challenges and creating efficiencies, core dna helps franchises thrive and improve the customer and store experience. 

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