Any retail owner or executive worth their salt will tell you that Black Friday — and the surrounding holiday season — is perhaps the most opportune time of the year to spur sales.

And the numbers don’t lie. According to data collected by MarketingLand regarding 2017’s digital Black Friday sales:

  • Total sales reached $5.03 billion 
  • a 16.9% increase from the previous year
  • eCommerce Average Order Value was estimated around $135-142
  • eCommerce stores saw a 24% increase in revenue as compared to the average over the course of the year

So yes, despite what you may have heard regarding the modern consumer’s waning interest in Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., the holiday season is still the perfect time to make hay.

Of course, your competition knows this, too - and they likely have a decent amount of tricks up their sleeve to cash in on the buying frenzy.

That said, it’s essential that you come up with a variety of unique marketing ideas that will help you stand out from the crowd, and to scoop up as many extra sales as you can during this year’s holiday season.

So, here are 33 ways to beat your competition come Black Friday. Let’s get started!

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