eCommerce comparison

BigCommerce vs Shopify vs Core dna comparison eBook

What you'll learn from our eCommerce Comparison

We have broken our analysis into the following sections:

  • Overview: A general summary of each of the platforms and their main customer segments.
  • Catalog: An analysis of how each platform handles product catalogs, including managing inventory and shippin
  • Products: Some of the features available to help customers find the products they’re looking for and help eCommerce businesses get more products sold.
  • Developers: Highlighting some of the ways each platform supports developers with increased functionality and extensive tooling.
  • Marketers: Breaking down the support available for marketers to enhance the customer experience.
  • Platform: Showcasing some of the features each platform has to meet an enterprise eCommerce store’s requirements.
  • Infrastructure: Explaining how each platform handles things like security and scalability

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