How to increase B2B eCommerce sales?

There are several ways to increase B2B eCommerce sales:

1) Consistent SEO 

Research shows that the majority of B2B marketers consider SEO as their primary source of lead generation, even more so than B2C. In this digital age, it is no surprise that over half of B2B buyers go online before they buy to research and compare. 

2) Include self-service for B2B clients

Self-service will bring in a lot of B2B sales as it will mean your B2B company is online 24/7 and a checkout does not need to be supervised, thus never missing a customer.

3) Be mobile-user friendly

The world is utilizing mobile more than ever, even B2B target markets so it is crucial your eCommerce site is just as compatible and efficient on mobile as it is desktop, thus effecting sales.

4) Do not neglect social media!

According to the Content Marketing Institute, social media sites and blogs reach eight out of ten of all Internet users in the U.S. B2B companies are not missing out on the social media craze either. B2B companies use social media to market their company, sell their goods and services, and provide quality customer service. 

5) Content, content, content

The more quality content you have, the more pull of clients you will receive, thanks to the further reach and consistency. 

6) Customer reviews

You know how you always scroll down to check the customer reviews before buying? This is because customer reviews are the voice of the people. The supposedly unbiased ‘’truth’’ of the product/service. So, numerous, positive customer reviews go a long way.

7) DXP

Personalized experience: Who does not want to feel special? When a client, B2B or not, feels directly catered to or has felt the company has had efforts to give them a thorough, genuine DXP, they will recommend your B2B company, use it again and leave reviews, increasing sales, but also loyalty and customer satisfaction.