Enterprise-level security for the mid-market

Coredna provides the highest level of security. Rest easy at night knowing your sensitive data is safe.

We run multiple layers of security, to cover various avenues of attack. Our primary defense is the WAF which sits in front of our network and inspects all the traffic coming in or out. This is able to actually read the traffic and identify any malicious activity and drop it. We also keep access to the Coredna itself secured via SSL and hashed and salted passwords. This means that traffic to our administration panel cannot be eavesdropped, and even if our database was compromised it would not be possible to recover the passwords as the hashing process cannot be reversed.

All avenues of access to our infrastructure are IP locked, and can only be accessed by internal users. We also have security systems written into the Coredna system, to allow it to resist various forms of injection based attack and automatically block malicious activity. Our data centers are also equipped with industry standard physical security measures.