Why do I need to use headless platform?

A headless platform gives you a number of benefits. These include:

  1. Ability to create your own custom content types that can then be used to build further complex content types that are independent of the original database design.
  2. Freedom to develop interfaces based on your own standards without the constraints of your current CMS.
  3. The ability for you to distribute your content to multiple channels. For example desktop, mobile, phone, interactive screen, digital banners.
  4. A central place for all your content, rather than have it distributed across many different systems.
  5. Ability to access content using application programming interfaces (API).
  6. Ability to create custom publishing environments that are tailored to your admin requirements.
  7. Remove the dependence of your systems on specific systems. You can use API interfaces to access what you need from systems and replace them easily if your needs change.
  8. Ability to use microservices for speed and flexibility. 
  9. Make changes quickly without the need to engineer your CMS; making it faster to get changes done.
  10. Developer friendly, no big learning curves for developers to understand new CMS/eCommerce platforms. Easy-to-learn API interface that gives them the ability to create anything using multiple sources of information.
  11. Ability to improve performance, by controlling exactly what you want to deliver to your visitor, without the overheads of a traditional CMS/eCommerce.
  12. Improved security through access to distinct APIs that can be controlled by the admin.

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