How to Manage Coupons and Discounts With Core dna

Global eCommerce success depends heavily upon a strategy that’s easy to define, but hard to execute; usher in first-time buyers, and retain them as loyal customers. 

Coupons and discount codes play a significant role in making that strategy work in the long term. 

International brands like Stanley PMI and Tivoli Audio trust Core dna to drive their eCommerce presences because of the features offered to facilitate eCommerce growth—and that includes coupon and discount code management.

Here’s a short video showing Core dna’s coupon system in action. The video demonstrates the ease of discount code creation, waterfall discounting, and the process of excluding certain products from the discount.  

See Core dna in action


Steps to creating a discount on Core dna

There are three main stages

  1. Create the discount
    1. Name your discount,
    2. Give it a description
    3. Choose whether it needs a coupon code to be invoked 
    4. Choose if it’s a Waterfall discount, i.e. if the discount can effect others
  2. Create matching criterion
    1. Choose which dates, products, categories or individual user criterions should match the discount. 
  3. Create action criterion
    1. Chose the action as to what happens, i.e. monetary or percentage discount, additional free item or discount on shipping

More in-depth documentation is available on our integration guide for discounts.

Paul Savage
Paul Savage

Hailing from Ireland, Paul is a fan of good food and coffee. For Core dna he’s responsible for Partnerships both with agencies and 3rd party integrators.  

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