How does Core dna enhance usability?

About Core dna

Core dna software enhances usability in a number of ways.

Reducing page loading times through a streamlined architecture. Supported with the use of efficient caching and a global network of CDNs

Allowing Administrators to create components that are well structured and produce consistent  content  across your site

Using optional templating that can make your site responsive across mobile and desktop devices. 

Use a familiar navigation layout across the whole site. Making it easy for a visitor to find what they need.

Use consistent headings and subheadings with your content. Through structured content, all content elements can be defined once and managed from one spot. Making the appearance of the content consistent.

Modern image formats and formatting. Core dna provides administrators tools that manage images and convert them to modern formats for speed and efficiency. The images are automatically process to the right height and width, making them fast and responsive.