An enterprise-grade content management system
— and so much more

An all-in-one digital experience platform that can handle everything
from global eCommerce websites to simple blogs. 

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Control your digital properties from the same dashboard

Websites, landing pages, documents, and microsites in one login.


Deliver consistent content across your web presence

Create content once, store it in a single repository and display it anywhere.

Boost efficiency

Edit and manage content once to maximize content reuse and eliminate duplication. To avoid inaccurate content, Core dna lets you automatically update all occurrences of any piece of content across all publications.

Deliver with speed

Forget about juggling different tools, Core dna gives you everything you need to deliver awesome customer experiences in one place.

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Develop & organize your content marketing strategy


Create a unified workflow

Collaborate on projects, assign tasks, and set content priorities to 'Published', 'Draft', 'Scheduled', and 'Needs Review'.

Put your content schedule on autopilot

Plan and schedule your content to be published in the future - right down to the minute.

Launch in weeks, not months


Zero infrastructure worries

Get started without worrying about servers and other back-end technologies. Core dna was built so we can free you up from the technical challenges.

Security is a given, not a luxury

No need to install any additional software. In fact, with Core dna, there's literally nothing to install. Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), DDoS mitigation, and many more are included.

Use whatever front-end framework you desire

Unlike other WCMS, we don’t limit you to use a certain programming language. Integrate with our 80+ pre-built applications; there’s no need to build a new technology for every website.

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Scale your business
with our complete web CMS platform

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