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Standard plans do not require any fixed contracts. There is a simple agreement that covers the use of the software and the content you may produce. For our enterprise clients, we do sign contracts to cover custom setup, extended SLAs and ongoing support.

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No, Core dna does not charge transaction fees. 

In fact, we don’t believe in the concept of charging transaction fees. The sales are all yours. You’re only charged the monthly subscription fee that is based on the number of server requests you use. Check out our pricing page here

Core dna is an eCommerce content management system (CMS) that provides everything you need to create a beautiful, responsive online store. With core dna, there are no transaction fees – so you can keep all of your sales. 

Plus, our intuitive platform makes it simple to manage your inventory, track orders, and process payments. So if you’re looking for an eCommerce CMS that won’t eat into your profits, Core dna is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more.

Transparent: Our pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. Your costs grow in line with your growth. 

Ready to start: All platforms come with pre-built applications and models to kickstart your project. 

Continuous support & training: Our dedicated team will help with training, support and new innovation. 

Get started today: Get access to your sandbox to see how Core dna can help your business scale.


Schedule a one-to-one consultation with your product specialist

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Walkthrough: An introduction of the Core dna platform
  • Analysis: Personalized recommendations based on your  business needs.
  • Case studies: How other businesses have used Core dna to scale more efficiently
Comparison table
Core dna
Cloud platforms
Legacy platforms
True multi-tenant architecture. Manage all properties from one dashboard
Not true multi-tenantNot true multi-tenant
Access to all pre-built applications
Development or 3rd party plugin integration requiredDevelopment or 3rd party plugin integration required
Content, file storage and bandwidth

With limitations and additional chargesWith limitations and additional charges
All system updates, new features and continuous integration

Not availableNot available
Pricing modelFixed monthly charge. No upfront licensingLicensing model and fixed fees. With a range of hidden hosting, development and support chargesLicensing model, with additional hosting, development and support charges
Transaction fees for eCommerce salesNoneBased on a % of online salesBased on a % of online sales
Secure cloud infrastructure, with site backup, security testing, patching and all updates.
Additional chargesAdditional charges
Content delivery network and load balancing

Additional chargesAdditional charges
PCI DSS Certified – payment connectors

Additional chargesAdditional charges
Performance monitoring, intrusion detection and reporting
Additional chargesAdditional charges
Advanced SLAs

Partially offeredOffered with additional charges
Dedicated infrastructure

Additional chargesAdditional charges
System audit, server and security dashboard

Partially offeredAdditional charges
Advanced Templating support. 100% customizable, all solutions can be built using only front-end developers

With limitationsWith limitations
API support

Partially supportedPartially supported
Templating Version control

Additional chargesAdditional charges
Staging environments

Additional chargesAdditional charges
Developer deployment environments

Additional chargesAdditional charges
Advanced networking, support for Static IPs, reverse proxies

Additional chargesAdditional charges
24/7 technical support

Additional chargesAdditional charges
Training and consulting

Additional chargesAdditional charges

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There is no setup or onboarding fee to use Core dna. We provide all the training material to learn how to use the platform. If your team requires technical training to use the templating and API environment we have team members and partners who can conduct this training.

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There is no limit to the number of sites that can be managed from your account. Adding a new site to your existing setup is a simple process that generally takes 24hrs.

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We don’t like charging overages because we understand there is a fluctuation between your traffic month-to-month. We do take a longer term view of your site traffic and will consult with you before we charge any overages. In many cases we establish a yearly traffic volume and bill any variants plus or minus to cover spikes during the year.

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There are no upfront licensing or setup charges. Core dna is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform, meaning our pricing is included in a monthly subscription fee, this includes all the updates and new features we release each with and with none of the headaches of hosting or maintaining the infrastructure.

Core dna has a transparent pricing structure that scales with your business. Our pricing model is designed to charge only for what you use. Our plans adapt to your business growth. 

We offer 3 different tiers: Core dna CMS - Core dna eCommerce - DXP ( Digital Experience Platform)

We also offer a features' comparison table for each tier available here

If you want to know more about our pricing structure and what would fit your business needs, you can schedule a call with one of our specialist.


Schedule a one-to-one consultation with your product specialist. Here’s what you can expect: 

Walkthrough: An introduction of the Core dna platform

 Analysis: Personalized recommendations based on your business needs. 

Case studies: How other businesses have used Core dna to scale more efficiently

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The pricing for your subscription is all-inclusive. Your fixed monthly payment covers all the software, the patches and updates to the software. It also covers future releases and upgrades to functionality. Finally, it covers all the cloud infrastructure including network traffic, servers, security and all monitoring.

A non-exhaustive list of things you get with your subscription for free are:

- Access to Core dna Content Delivery Network (CDN) across 45 different locations world-wide,
- Unlimited volume of traffic to CDN,
- Unlimited volume of traffic to Core dna engine,
- Unlimited number of requests through Web Application Firewall (WAF),
- Protection from DDoS attacks,
- Protection from XSS attacks,
- Protection against malicious bots,
- And more

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Yes, we offer month to month payment options starting at $1,250/site. For more information visit our pricing section

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