Empower Your Membership Management with Smart Technology

Nurture and grow a thriving membership community with tools designed for personalized member experiences, content management, event coordination, and eCommerce operations.

Comprehensive Membership Management

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Flexible Content Management

Create engaging member experiences with Core dna's dynamic content management tools. The intuitive, low-code environment empowers marketers to quickly launch campaigns, create personalized customer journeys, and seamlessly manage events, deepening member engagement.

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Integrated eCommerce Solutions

Elevate your membership offerings with Core dna’s enhanced eCommerce solutions. Tailor pricing, promotions, and packages effortlessly while managing multiple membership sites from one central location. Our platform simplifies the complexities of recurring payments and eliminates transaction fees.

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Seamless Growth & Integration

Scale without limits with Core dna’s seamless integration capabilities. Our platform is built to evolve with your organization, eliminating the need for costly re-platforming. Designed to make of your online presence an omnichannel experience ensuring your systems always stay current and connected.

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Reliable Security & Uptime

Ensure the safety of your members' data with Core dna’s reliable security measures. Our platform is engineered to avoid the pitfalls of plugin overuse, maintaining a secure environment with guaranteed 100% uptime. Trust Core dna to keep your services accessible and your data protected at all times.

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Streamlined Membership Management

Create diverse membership levels, each with distinct benefits and access tiers, without complex coding. Manage events integrated with member profiles to deliver tailored notifications and information. Build and oversee a rich resource library, ensuring content is accessible based on membership status and organized for easy retrieval.

Advanced Personalization

Personalize digital experiences based on the criteria you set. Our powerful customization tool allows you to create detailed user profiles and manage specific interactions based on individual behaviors and preferences. By delivering highly targeted content that resonates with each visitor, you enhance engagement and increase conversion rates. 


"The transition to Core dna marked a new chapter in digital efficacy for YMCA, where increased registrations are a direct result of streamlined operations and enhanced user interfaces. Our registration process is now as dynamic as the communities we serve, resulting in record-breaking engagement.”

Saad Javed - Digital Marketing Manager

Enhanced Site Performance

Experience unparalleled website performance with our platform that guarantees to pass every speed and load test. This ensures your website operates smoothly and quickly, reducing bounce rates and enhancing user satisfaction. We have a track record of handling any volume of traffic efficiently, boosting overall site engagement and retention.

Training and Certification Programs

Training and Certification Programs

Track member progress, session schedules, instructors’ information, and certification statuses. This helps both the organization and the members keep track of their learning progress and achievements.

Integrated eCommerce Capabilities

With unified content and eCommerce features, membership organizations can manage content as well as multi-channel commerce, and recurring payments, all through a single interface. With its scalable, maintenance-free infrastructure, Core dna ensures a consistent and secure experience, allowing organizations to focus on growth and member retention.

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