August 2023 - Release 5: Improved Multi-site Management

Multi-site Management

What's changing?

  • Flexible layouts & categories - Now, you can use the same layouts across all your sites. This means you can share content models between them, and even tweak them for specific sites if needed. 
  • Shared users across multiple sites - User accounts now work across all sites too. No more hassle of setting up separate accounts for each site. 
  • Organized records for all sites - To keep things tidy, we've added a nifty filter. With just a drop-down menu, you can see records for each site, and your choice sticks around as you move between tables
  • Simplified site creation - Starting a new site? It's a breeze now. Plus, setting up directories for your templates and cache is super simple

Other Improvements

  • Global components:  Your component selection screen now loads way faster because we preload layouts and global components. 
  • Data visualization: Our data tables have two new standard options to make your life easier: add a child and edit.
  • Code editor input types: For those who like to dive into code, our code editor's input types are now more versatile and can be used in more places.

Managing 7 eCommerce brands and websites sounds challenging but Core dna makes it easy for us. Not many platforms can pull off a website with so many intricacies but they did! Our online revenue multiplied by 4 after migrating to Core dna's eCommerce platform. 

James Campbell-HarrisDirector of eCommerce - RANDYS Worldwide

Dmitry Kruglov
Dmitry Kruglov

Dmitry has over 19 years experience in developing complex web solutions. Before Core dna Dmitry was working in FinTech and Education industries.

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