October 2023 - Release 3: Froala upgrade and performance enhancement

Hey there! 🎉 We've just rolled out our latest 2023 update for the Froala rich text editor, and it's packed with cool new features and some serious performance boosts. Let's dive into what's new:

What's new

  • Smart Image Handling: Now, if you're working with images in the editor, any external inline images get automatically saved in the File Manager. Neat, right?
  • Dynamic Links: Creating links within your content? Froala now lets you link to your pages, blog posts, FAQs, etc., easily and keeps those links updated, even if their URLs change. Plus, it smartly updates any old hardcoded links to dynamic ones.
  • Flexible Usernames: Decide if you want user emails to double as usernames and toggle the ability to update user fields from the front end.
  • Author Extras: Authors can now have custom fields—more room for creativity and detail!
  • E-commerce Boost: For those selling products, GraphQL queries now support product variants. It's easier than ever to manage your inventory.
  • Widget Enhancements: Access Response Models in widgets with the new getVariable() method. Also, check out our new form callback examples in JavaScript.
  • Blog Upgrade: Say goodbye to the 65Kb limit on blog posts—write to your heart's content!

Other Technical Tweaks and Fixes:

  • Speedy Pages:Loading pages just got faster, especially for sites with 2,000+ pages.
  • User-Friendly Forms: Add and edit forms zip along now, even for sites with a massive user base.
  • Housekeeping: We're keeping things tidy by automatically cleaning up unused folders.
  • Submission Listing Optimization: Even the form submissions listing page works faster now.

Bug Squashing:

  • Fixed some pesky issues with Hooks, DateTime fields indexing, collection assignments, custom fields via API, blog post parameters, product variant search, Webix table errors, and image transformer glitches.

On the day we launched the new YMCA of Greater Toronto website, we hit a record in online bookings, thanks to Core dna's improved navigation and filtering.

Hassan Huseyin Marketing Manager - ADOTG

Dmitry Kruglov
Dmitry Kruglov

Dmitry has over 19 years experience in developing complex web solutions. Before Core dna Dmitry was working in FinTech and Education industries.

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