Swiss luxury appliance maker powers up eCommerce

About V-ZUG

Founded in 1913, V-ZUG AG designs and manufactures high-end kitchen and washing appliances such as ovens, steamers, microwaves, drawers, coffee-centers, range hoods, dishwashers, and refrigerators.

The V-ZUG brand is synonymous with modern design, exceptional quality, and Swiss craftsmanship. Based in Zug, Switzerland. VZUG AG operates as a subsidiary of Metall Zug AG.

The Challenge

V-ZUG sells exclusively through a network of authorized retailers who carry limited inventory. Fulfillment is handled centrally. Since most V-ZUG purchases are heavily customized and consumers often work with a kitchen designer, an online configuration portal seemed like the perfect approach.

The solution would need to be flexible and powerful enough to handle all of the configuration options as well as the pricing and fulfillment terms specific to each retail partner, along with product bundles and special offers. 

Time-to-market, project risk, solution cost, reliability and security were all important considerations. After a thorough evaluation of these criteria, V- ZUG selected Core dna.

The Solution

Thanks to the 80+ pre-built solution components, handling everything from payments, overstock management, to dynamic pricing offered by Core dna’s SaaS-based eCommerce platform, V-ZUG was able to go live months sooner than with any competing alternative.

The solution is seamlessly integrated with several back-end systems – including V-ZUG’s SAP ERP – to provide a seamless experience and real-time access to product information, accurate pricing, and product availability and shipping data.

V-ZUG is on track to process over $60 million in transaction volume through the site in 2018

The Results

The system went live in 2017 and was an instant success. Both dealers and consumers loved the flexibility and convenience offered by the portal.

V-ZUG’s retail partners were especially pleased that the digital channel was leveraged in a way that played to their strengths, and enhanced their customer relationships, protecting their margins while streamlining the process for both the consumer as well as V-ZUG. Customers loved that they could collaborate in real-time online, communicate with their kitchen designer, and review the designs and quotes anytime from any place on any device. V-ZUG was pleased with the increase in sales volume, higher customer satisfaction, and reduced process friction. Truly a win-win-win outcome!

V-ZUG is on track to process over $60 million in transaction volume through the site in 2018, the first full year of operations.

Vzug Case Study

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