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About Tivoli Audio

Founded by Tom DeVesto and audio zen master Henry Kloss in 2000, Tivoli Audio quickly built a global brand, becoming well- known for superb design and excellence in hi-fi sound.

Their iconic Kloss-designed Model One created a whole new product category, combining cutting-edge design with high-end components to deliver hi-fidelity sound at an affordable price.

Headquartered in Boston, Tivoli is a global company with sales and distribution in over 50 countries.

The Challenge

Tivoli’s direct-to-consumer eCommerce site was originally built on Magento and required a dedicated team of 5 people to manage, monitor, and maintain. Magento relied on a large number of plugins and heavy customization; the solution was unstable and unable to scale. Platform Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) continued to grow, hurting profitability.

Managing over 30 custom instances of Magento was a logistical nightmare. The day-to-day management of different systems led to costly delays and increased testing time. This limited Tivoli's ability to invest in local market campaigns to grow top-line revenue.

The Solution

In mid-2016 Tivoli Audio began to evaluate a number of cloud-based platforms over a 6-month review period. Consultants produced a full requirements list.

Six platforms were evaluated on a 34-point scale. Because the existing system ran on Magento 1.9, a direct upgrade to Magento 2.2 would have similar costs to re-platforming. The biggest hurdle was the need to integrate with Tivoli’s back-end SAP B1 system, an easy task with Core dna.

"We now have a platform that can move at the pace of our company” - Paul DePasquale

The Results

A successful on-time and in budget roll-out of 30 sites using Core dna’s multi-site capability took place in 2017, with new sites going live every week. Freed of technology woes, Tivoli can now focus on their core business: designing and marketing hi-fi audio gear.

Since moving to Core dna, the company has been able to launch new locations in just days, rather than months.

Moreover, conversion rates are up over 30% and they have reduced their support team by 60%, freeing up resources to focus on marketing, campaigns, testing and optimizing the online experience. Now, their digital team is far more agile, easily running market level tests to optimize results and grow sales.

Tivoli Case Study

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