Accept card and alternate payments across all sales channels—mobile, web, point-of-sale, and call center—domestically and across the world using just one connection.

Businesses can build, manage, and improve their online presence across many sales channels with Core dna, a digital experience platform. The integration of Core dna with CyberSource, a preeminent international payment processing firm, is one of its primary advantages. Businesses may connect to around 100 payment processors worldwide with the combination of Core dna and CyberSource, enabling them to take a variety of digital payments from clients. This includes well-known electronic wallets, credit and debit cards, and virtual currencies. Businesses may automate their subscription and recurring income streams thanks to the connection. This implies that clients may quickly join up for subscription-based services and have monthly payments made automatically. This can assist companies in streamlining payment processing and lowering the time and effort needed to handle subscriptions. Overall, the combination of Core dna and CyberSource provides companies with a strong and practical method for managing their recurring income streams and accepting digital payments. Businesses may give their consumers an easy way to make purchases on their website across all sales channels by combining the features of the two platforms to create a smooth and effective payment experience.

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