CardConnect, a First Data company, provides solutions for businesses accepting bank card transactions, storing sensitive data and seeking to push the boundaries of innovation.

Coredna enables companies to deliver and manage their digital content. A content management system (CMS), e-commerce functionality, and connectors with various third-party services are just a few of the many tools and features available on the platform.

CardConnect, a provider of payment processing services that enables companies to safely accept and process credit card payments, is one of the services that Core dna interacts with. Businesses utilising Core dna will be able to quickly and securely accept payments on their website or online store thanks to the integration, and they will also have access to real-time transaction data directly from the Core dna platform.

Businesses may benefit from CardConnect's payment processing technology's security and dependability and yet monitor and track their transactions straight from the Core dna platform thanks to the connection with CardConnect. This can facilitate the payment processing process for organisations and lessen the need for manual reconciliation of transactions.

Businesses can obtain real-time transaction data through the integration with CardConnect in addition to accepting payments securely. This enables organisations to obtain full information about each transaction, including the amount, date, and client details, and to track the status of those transactions in real time.

Overall, businesses now have a simple, safe way to collect payments and keep track of their transactions in real time thanks to the integration between Core dna and CardConnect. This can simplify payment processing for organisations, eliminate the need for manual reconciliation, and improve transaction visibility.

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