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Businesses may provide simple, interest-free instalment plans to their clients thanks to CoreDNA's Afterpay connection. Customers can use Afterpay to make purchases and pay for them over time in four equal instalments without incurring interest or other costs. Customers will find it simpler to make greater purchases as a result, which will increase the possibility that they will add more things to their order.

Businesses only need to register for an Afterpay account and integrate it with their CoreDNA platform in order to leverage the Afterpay integration offered by CoreDNA. Businesses can start accepting Afterpay as a form of payment during the checkout process once the integration is finished. If a customer chooses Afterpay, they can finish their transaction and pay for their purchases in four equal instalments.

CoreDNA's Afterpay integration not only enables customers to make bigger purchases but also aids companies in raising their average order value. Customers are more inclined to add extra products to their order because they can pay for their purchases over time. Businesses may see a big rise in revenue as a result of this.

Customer satisfaction can be raised for businesses thanks to CoreDNA's Afterpay integration. Businesses can help customers afford the goods they want by providing interest-free payment options. Increased consumer loyalty and repeat business may result from this.

Overall, CoreDNA's Afterpay integration is a useful resource for companies looking to provide simple, interest-free payment plans to their clients. By using Afterpay, businesses can increase their average order value, improve customer satisfaction, and generate more revenue.

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