Features and integrations  

Add-ons and up-sells

Core dna's e-commerce platform streamlines the checkout process with its "Upsell & Cross-sell", "One-Click Upsell", and "Smart Recommendations" modules. These products allow businesses to easily add additional products to a customer's purchase at the time of checkout, offer one-click upsells, and personalize recommendations based on the customer's purchase and browsing history. By utilizing these modules, businesses can increase their average order value, improve the customer experience, and streamline their checkout process.

Billing frequency

Coredna offers a content management system that enables users to edit and manage their material in one place, with flexible billing options. It includes customizable pricing choices and effective publishing and distribution tools for generating engaging material. Coredna streamlines content management processes and saves time and effort, making it suitable for small business owners, marketers, and content writers.

Billing notifications

Automated monthly custom invoices saves businesses time and effort by allowing them to create and send invoices automatically each month. Users can customize invoice templates and specify which customers should receive them. Invoices can be delivered via email or a secure online portal, and the system tracks and stores payment information.

Flexible billing

Charging customers by sign-up date or specific day is a common pricing model used by many businesses, including those on the Coredna platform. Benefits include better revenue alignment with expenses, improved revenue predictability, and reduced customer churn.