Features and integrations  

Customer accounts

Customers can create an account during checkout, saving time on future purchases, tracking orders, and receiving promotional updates. They can also check out as a guest if they prefer.

Customer groups

Self-select interest groups are formed around common interests, causes, professions, or hobbies. They help categorise customer lists by different standards in Coredna, such as geographically, based on prior purchases or traits. This segmentation allows for targeted marketing campaigns, personalised offers, and adjusted messaging.

Customer profiles

Integrated view of customer interactions enables businesses to manage client relationships effectively, offering timely and pertinent support. Having a thorough understanding of customer experiences helps satisfy requirements and expectations, delivering exceptional customer service.


Warehouse management tools can help businesses with multiple warehouses to better manage their inventory and fulfillment processes. Coredna's warehouse management tools provide a centralized platform for managing warehouse operations, enabling businesses to track and manage orders, inventory levels, and optimize their shipping routes. The platform also offers project management and document management tools and integrates with other business applications. Overall, Coredna's warehouse management tools are a valuable resource for businesses looking to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and manage their inventory and fulfillment processes.

Wish lists & easy re-ordering

Customers can create customizable product lists and choose to make them public or private. The platform also allows customers to easily re-order products from their purchase history without having to search or add items to their cart. These features can help businesses improve the customer experience, increase customer loyalty, and streamline the shopping process. Coredna also offers other features such as personalized recommendations and integration with other business applications.applications.

Document management

Users can upload files of various types, organize them into folders, and use version control. Additionally, users can share files with others by sending a link or granting access to the project repository. This platform helps teams collaborate efficiently and manage project files effectively.