Features and integrations  

Blindfold suppliers

Limiting supplier bids for fairness and competition is called segmenting participants. This involves listing eligible suppliers based on experience, quality, and delivery history. Core DNA manages the procurement process, including RFQs, bids, and contracts. This promotes transparency, fairness, and competition. It can lead to better prices and quality products, and reduce unethical behavior.

Export events

Export your event data in CSV or XML format from the core dna platform to analyze or integrate it with other systems. CSV is a tabular file format, while XML uses a hierarchical structure with tags. Analyze the data with tools like Excel and create visualizations. Export to your ERP system for better decision-making. The platform makes exporting easy with a user-friendly interface to select and specify the format, then download the file.

Messaging and feedback

Personalised messaging with suppliers means tailoring communications to their needs and preferences, building stronger relationships. A core DNA platform can help manage and organize all communications, automate tasks, and free up time for personalized interactions. This can lead to better outcomes and improved collaboration.


Run auctions with more than the price, such as various currencies, quality, payment terms, switching costs etc.

Proxy bidding

Allows supplier to place a bid. The system will automatically bid on this supplier’s behalf until the supplier either is the leading supplier or he has reached his max bid. 

Member Bidding

Enables a user to set a maximum bid till which they are protected from being outbid. So if bidder A places a Maximum bid of 1 dollar and bidder B comes along to try and outbid A, A will be protected till B outbids A over 1 dollar.