Features and integrations  

CRM integration

Integrating with a CRM system helps businesses gain customer insights and share profiles across various channels. This helps tailor marketing and remove duplication. Using Corednas API, customers can link with their CRM app for better customer data management. It improves the consumer experience and marketing initiatives.

Integrated payments

Use the same payment processor for your website as you use in your brick-and-mortar storefront for easy payment capture and processing. 

ERP/POS inventory sync

Sync your inventory online with your Point of Sale (POS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, that way when something sells in-store your website automatically deducts that quantity. With a POS Sync, you get seamless inventory. 

Local checkout

With your in-store inventory online, you can offer click & collect, same-day delivery, reserve to try on in-store to your local, loyal customers. 

Search engine data feed

Take advantage of Google structured data to get more search traffic. You can send google a structured data feed of your products so they know that those products are available to buy at a physical location or online - they will display the "in-stock" tag next to your products in search results.