Features and integrations  

Auction category

Auction management tool categorises auctions, improving user experience and increasing sales. It supports bidding, auto-ending, winner notification, and is beneficial for companies conducting auctions.

Buy it now

Coredna helps companies manage their web presence with engaging digital experiences, including content management, marketing automation, and e-commerce. It allows buyers to purchase items instantly, with pricing options to suit different budgets.

Simple bidding

If a user bids 1 dollar, the current bid is one dollar. If you use minimum bid increment the bid placed will have to exceed the increment amount set.

Unlimited auctions

Auction functionality allows businesses to run multiple auctions concurrently without paying any fees, set starting prices, reserve prices, and buy-it-now prices, and customize the auction experience. Coredna also offers customizable templates, content management tools, and integration with other business applications. Overall, Coredna's auction functionality is a powerful tool for businesses looking to sell products or services through auctions and run multiple auctions at the same time.