Features and integrations  

3rd party CRM integration

Our synchronization service can easily integrate your customer information with well-known third-party programs like Salesforce and HubSpot, providing you with a central location to manage and analyze customer data. The process is simple to use and can be integrated into your existing infrastructure. Sharing customer information across your organization can promote collaboration, and data synchronization can assist you in identifying trends and patterns for better interactions and decision-making with customers. Contact us to learn more about how our synchronization solution can benefit your company or organization.

Email marketing

Personalised email campaigns involve sending targeted and customised emails to specific customer segments, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. Our platform helps businesses collect and organise customer data, create targeted segments, and send personalised emails highlighting relevant products and offers. Personalised email campaigns also generate buzz and excitement around sales and promotions, driving engagement and sales.

Hooks engine

A decoupled queuing system that can communicate with 3rd party systems via REST, SOAP, FTP, SFTP, email. Listens to events inside Core dna such as New Order Paid, New User, User update, Form submission, etc.


Design dynamic newsletters that can be sent to a targeted audience automatically on a reoccurring basis. Create custom templates that reflect your brand and voice. 


Segment your contact database into smaller groups or personas. Easily tailor content to be highly relevant to particular audiences – making for a great customer experience.

Single customer view

Have a single view of the customer across all your marketing activities. Manage profiles to deliver a 1-to-1 experience.

Third-party email integrations

Core dna is a comprehensive project management platform that helps teams track and manage their work, including logging billable and non-billable hours on project tasks. Its standout feature is its integration with various email engines, allowing teams to use their preferred platform to manage and send emails within CoreDNAs. The platform also offers project management and collaboration tools to help teams stay organized and on track. Overall, CoreDNAs is a powerful tool for teams looking to increase efficiency and productivity.

Tools to drive engagement

This tool allows businesses to get immediate and ongoing feedback from their customers and stakeholders, and to host live interactions like events and webinars. Coredna's customizable templates, content management tools, and integration with other business applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics make it a powerful digital experience platform for businesses and organizations.

Multi-channel customer view

Get a complete view of your customers by tracking their interactions across all touch points and applications in Core dna. Know what content they view, purchase history, content downloads, etc. 

A/B testing

Email marketing software allows companies to send personalised email messages to specific target groups while monitoring their effectiveness. This software enables businesses to create multiple versions of an email, tailored to the unique interests and preferences of the target group. By monitoring metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates, companies can identify the most effective messages and improve their email marketing campaigns. Overall, Core DNA's email marketing software can help companies maximise their email marketing efforts and increase the potency of their campaigns.

Channel integration

 It provides automatic posting to multiple channels and performance analysis tools. Its integration with popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter simplifies organisation and increases visibility.

Social media login

Users can log into your website using their existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other account details. This also allows you to collect additional data from their social profiles for help in marketing automation or segmentation, such as name, email address, interests, hometown, etc.

Easy share

Connect your social media profiles and use Core dna's social sharing application to share your content to the world. When you create new blog posts, news articles, podcasts, webinars, ect..

Automatic image resizing

Automatically adjusts the height and width of images to improve the website's appearance and readability. This tool preserves the images' original dimensions and aspect ratio to prevent distortion or stretching. Users can also specify size and width criteria for their content to ensure photos always look their best.

Device optimized

Responsive design automatically adjusts a website's appearance and content to various screen sizes and devices, providing a better user experience. It eliminates the need for multiple versions of a website, saves time, and improves accessibility. Users can easily engage with content on any device, leading to longer visits and increased interaction. Responsive design is a useful technique for creating usable and accessible websites on all platforms.

Email engine

The built-in email engine sends group-driven content alerts to notify employees about important updates and changes within the platform. This customisable feature keeps employees informed without having to constantly check the platform, improving communication and collaboration within the organisation.