Features and integrations  

Flexible software architecture

Decoupling separates different parts of a software application, like the business logic, content, and presentation layers, so they can be changed independently. The business logic layer contains the algorithms and processes that define how the application works, the content layer manages and stores the data and media displayed to the user, and the presentation layer determines the user interface design

Framework agnotstic

To create a front-end design, you need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML defines the structure, CSS adds style, and JavaScript makes it interactive. Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, and Materialise offer pre-designed components and styles to make design and development easier.

Continuous intergration

The workflow management capabilities allow businesses to create and automate processes triggered by specific events or actions. Coredna's workflow management allows organisations to categorise post entries and have control over content publication, ensuring accuracy and timely release. Coredna also offers project management, document management tools and integration with other business applications to help optimise operations. Coredna's workflow management is an ideal tool for businesses seeking to automate processes, improve collaboration and streamline content management.


Manage all of your web properties from a single login and navigate between then from a drop-down menu. Share content, blogs, product catalogs, news, positions and more across all your web properties. Control admin user and content editing permissions on a per-site basis

Extensive integrations

CRM, ERP, marketing, lead management, events, payments, tax, social, and shipping systems integrations help businesses manage and grow their operations more effectively by providing tools to manage customer relationships, core business processes, marketing campaigns, lead management, events, payments, tax obligations, social media, and shipping logistics.

Cyber security

World-class hardware and continuous security testing provide strong protection against cyberattacks. Top-notch hardware, such as advanced CPUs and security equipment, combined with security testing, including automated scanning and penetration testing, can deter hackers and detect vulnerabilities. This ensures the safety and security of a company's applications and data.